The castle is the main part of the building, it offers the atmosphere of the long evenings in the corner of the fire light. You can accommodate 12 people.

  • Big dining room and Big lounge
  • Very well equipped modern kitchen
  • 6 double bedrooms
  • 3 big fireplaces
  • 3 Modern bathrooms
  • High-quality beds
The loft is in the wing West of the building. Alone or as a supplement to the castle, this part is perfect for a couple or  with friends. You can accommodate up to 8 people.
You will find in ground floor a very well equipped kitchen.
And on the 1 st floor a big open space of 200 sqm2 :
  • 1 big lounge, TV/DVD/Interney (Wifi)/Pool and 4 double beds.
  • 1 bedroom with 1 bed for 2 people. (The room is not closed but separated by no brick-built wall which rises up to the skeleton).
  • 1 modern bathroom with a beautiful bathtub, a big shower Italian-style.
And the dorm is a fantastic room of 110m2 with 10 singles beds and bathroom